News Recommendations to the review of the EU AQ Policy

On 19-20/01/2012 DG-ENV is organizing the Stakeholder Expert Group meeting on Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution. FAIRMODE is invited, as well as many other national and international organizations and working groups, to present the preliminary results of our activity on modelling and AQ directive.

As all the other parties involved we were requested to present a draft version of the FAIRMODE recommendations for the review of the AQ directive as deduced from the consultation and discussions inter-coursed so far with the community. The document delivered includes a list of 9 synthetic recommendations introduced by a motivation and a proposed list of actions. The document aims at synthesizing the guidance activity produced by WG1 and the work produced within WG2/SGs. The recommendations were drafted by the coordinators of the above mentioned activities. An effort has been made to try to produce a list of recommendations that were, interconnected, coherent and that individually as well as integrally could contribute to a better definition of how models could assist in AQ policy implementation.

The document attached is a draft and in it a clear statement is included on the necessity of a further and continuing discussion with the FAIRMODE community until an agreed final version is reached. The statement are relatively generic trying to identifying the hot open issues relating to the use of models, the quality model results, the quality of input data, representativeness of monitoring data used for model evaluation and the necessity of maintaining a forum of discussion on models as typically exists for monitoring activities. These are the topics which were discussed over the years of FAIRMODE and that we felt should be there at this stage. The recommendations will be presented at the January meeting, underlining further the fact that these are draft.

The document and the topics identified therein will be the main topic of discussion of the next plenary meeting. Within that meeting the final version of the document will be drafted since it has to be handed over to the Commission by early summer 2012.

The next FAIRMODE plenary is now scheduled the last week of May. TNO has kindly offered its premises and therefore the venue will be Utrecht (NL). Thanks again to TNO for the active cooperation. The agenda for the meeting can be consulted here.

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Release date 21/12/2011
Contributor Nuria Castell Balaguer