Activities in SubGroup 4 aim at developing a procedure for the benchmarking of air quality models, in order to evaluate their performances and indicate a way for improvements. The benchmarking procedure is intended to support modelling groups in their application of AQ models in the frame of the Air Quality Directive, 2008 (AQD). The overall benchmarking procedure is summarized in the figure below.

It is structured in two inter-connected sides: the first one is a sequence of actions operated remotely (referred as USER) whereas the second is a series of operations centrally carried out at the JRC through a common web interface (referred as JRC). All these operations (USER and JRC) are performed through four main elements: a) the DELTA tool; b) the ENSEMBLE web based platform; c) the benchmarking service that produces summary reports and d) the data extraction facility - a web service for the extraction of monitoring data from existing centralized databases. More details on the benchmarking procedure can be found in the “Benchmarking procedure ” document.

Prototypes of the DELTA tool and performance report template have been developed and are ready. This DELTA prototype can be downloaded here.

A detailed description and User's Guide of DELTA can be found in “DELTA tool: Concepts and User's guide” document

Use of DELTA is currently restricted to FAIRMODE SG4 registered participants. To download the DELTA software please contact JRC  to obtain access rights.



PDF DELTA Tool Concepts Guide Download
URL The DELTA tool
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