FAIRMODE's contribution to the Air Policy Review process

FAIRMODE will provide recommendations for the review of the AQ directive. Based consultation and discussions inter-coursed so far with the community a draft document outling recommendation topics has been developed. The document is a draft only and a clear statement is included in the document on the necessity for further and continuing discussion with the FAIRMODE community until an agreed final version is reached. There is time and room for modifying, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying if requested by the community, if agreed upon, until a consensus is reached. The document will be discussed at length at the next FAIRMODE plenary.

Download the document here

Results of the 'Request for Information' concerning experience with the AQ Directive

At the 3rd FAIRMODE plenary in Kjeller, on 16th September 2010, it was agreed that FAIRMODE would compile the recent experiences from Member States when applying modelling tools for reporting purposes under the 2008/50/EC Air Quality Directive. The decision was to encourage Member State representatives to comment on their experiences and identify the problems encountered when applying modelling for the Air Quality Directive. FAIRMODE will compile this information and will develop a series of recommendations that will be presented in a common document. The document is intended to support the process of revision of the Air Quality Directive by the European Commission and to improve guidance on the use of models when reporting under the Air Quality Directive.

The request for information was circulated to nominated MS representatives for FAIRMODE in September 2010 and was entitled as follows: "Comments on problems encountered when applying models for the European Air Quality Directive and related reporting: A request for information and experience from FAIRMODE MS representatives"

The survey was answered by 6 country representatives and a summary is available here. The four most important topics identified can be summarized as:

1. The need for mandatory modelling requirements in the Directive

2. The need for clarity concerning modelling in the Directive

3. Emphasis on the optimal use of monitoring and modelling in the Directive

4. Improved quality objectives in the Directive

These aspects will be further discussed during the 4th FAIRMODE plenary at SMHI (14 - 16 June, 2011)

DOCX FAIRMODE_recommendations_AQ_Final Download
DOCX Recommendations to the EU AQ Policy - Draft Download
PDF Results of comments on the AQ Directive v1 Download
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