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The main aim of FAIRMODE is to promote in a harmonised manner between member states the use of model in the context of Air Quality Assessment. Emphasis will be put on the new proposed Air Quality Directive (AQD) requirements, mainly on the promotion of good modelling practises and the interaction between authorities and the modelling community at national and European levels.

For this purpose the following Working Groups(WG) have been set up in FAIRMODE:

  • WG1 - Guidance on use of models(lead by EEA).
  • WG2 - Quality assurance of models (lead by JRC).

Within the frame of WG1, a Guidance Document is under preparation, which provides suggestions and advice on best practices for the use of modelling for the purposes of the Air Quality Directive (AQD). The Guidance Document will use as input the results and recommendations of the work that will take place under WG2. The last draft of the Guidance Document is available here. Comments on problems encountered when applying models for the European Air Quality Directive and related reporting: A request for information and experience from FAIRMODE MS representatives can be found here

The main aim of WG2 activities is to create a European Framework for Model Evaluation which will include the development of widely accepted quality assurance procedures throughout Europe for different models (regional, urban and local/hotspot) and for different purposes according to the requirements of the AQD (air quality assessment scenario calculations and impact modelling, forecast of exceedances and assessing contribution from natural sources and winter sanding/salting).

For each of the main modelling purposes relating to air quality management mentioned in the AQD, a Sub-Group (SG) was formed as follows:

Each SG coordinated by a SG Leader and all SGs are expected to remain active for as long as necessary.


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The next FAIRMODE technical meeting will be held at Kjeller (NO) on 28-29/04/2014. More information here.

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