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The two initiatives that have been taken, by EEA and by JRC, will combine efforts. The EEA/ETC/EIONET side will focus on the user perspective while JRC will focus on the more scientific side of model validation and use. EEA and JRC will maintain the main roles for the development and function of the Forum for Air Quality Modelling. However a number of other bodies including DG Environment and the ETC core group will aid in the harmonised operation of the forum. Several stakeholders will be represented in the forum, both from the scientific community as well as the related authorities and legislative bodies. Thus, the forum will include national and selected city/urban agglomeration representatives with modelling experience as well as modellers groups and other end-users, such as industry representatives. EIONET model users as well as any interested model user or expert will be actively involved in the forum through events as well as through participation in the forum dedicated web portal. A number of experts will be actively nominated and invited to participate in forum development and function through relevant meetings. The forum will be established based upon nomination and invitation. In selecting participants emphasis will be put on the importance of interactions between AQ managers, model users and model developers.

FAIRMODE has set up two Work Groups (WGs), the first of which (WG1) focuses on the development of a Guidance Document on best modelling practices. This activity is lead by EEA’s European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC-ACC). A second WG (WG2) will deal with QA/QC issues, through the organisation of a model validation/intercomparison exercise. This activity is lead by JRC. The two groups will evolve simultaneously and through continuous feedback and cooperation, as the modelling exercises that will be carried out will be relevant to both.

The following diagram illustrates the main participants in the forum and their interactions.

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FAIRMODE technical meeting

The next FAIRMODE technical meeting will be held at Kjeller (NO) on 28-29/04/2014. More information here.

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