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Some important objectives of the Forum for Air Quality Modelling are:

  • To establish tools and mechanisms for enhancing communication between modellers and model users and provide a framework for exchange of experience at all levels of application. This will include electronic interfaces, databases (such as MDS, COST728 Metadatabase, EEA Data Centre) and tools as well as workshops, seminars and common activities.

  • To provide a centralised portal for information concerning the AQD, submission of compliance data based on modelling, references and experiences of other users through case studies, and will provide QA/QC methods for users and provide information support for these services.

  • To establish a common infrastructure based on best practice for reporting and storing the information, results and maps in a standardised and harmonised manner to create an archive for reference where tools, data and information will be readily available to authorities and scientists of the member states.

  • To promote model validation and quality assurance of model results to identify limitations and remove error factors, which implies the organisation of and participation in model validation and intercomparison exercises at national or European level. Such exercises will be complementary to other parallel activities. The JRC will take on a leading role in the coordination of such actions, gaining from its experience in leading the "Eurodelta" and "CityDelta" intercomparison exercises.

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FAIRMODE technical meeting

The next FAIRMODE technical meeting will be held at Kjeller (NO) on 28-29/04/2014. More information here.

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