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Establish and maintain an EIONET forum for exchanging experience and results from air quality modelling in the context of the new Air Quality Directive (AQD), so as to promote the use of modelling for regulatory purposes in a harmonised manner between member states.

In the following years, this should result in: establishing common infrastructures for enhancing communication between modelers and model users and for the exchange of data. An important tool towards this goal will be the establishment of a Portal on AQ Assessment, Promoting model validation, intercomparison and quality assurance and providing guidance for assessment by use of models and combination with monitoring, and reporting according to AQD.

FAIRMODE focuses on:

  • Coordinating and gathering information from modellers and users within Europe.
  • Developing guidance and recommendations on air quality modelling for modelers, users and the European Commission.
  • Providing harmonised tools and methodologies for model benchmarking and assessment.
  • Providing recommendations for scientific research in air quality modelling

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FAIRMODE technical meeting

The next FAIRMODE technical meeting will be held at Kjeller (NO) on 28-29/04/2014. More information here.

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