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Ambient air quality, pollutant dispersion and transport models

The report aims at a documentation of the current state-of-the-art of mathematical modelling of air pollutant dispersion, transport and transformation. Providing an overview of air pollution models employed (but not necessarily developed) in Europe.

Topic report No 19/1996

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Good Practice Guide for Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

The purpose of this Guide is to provide good practice protocols for carrying out atmospheric dispersion modelling in New Zealand. Where the recommended protocols are not suitable for the particular modelling exercise, the reasons for deviating from them should be clearly explained. In establishing these good practice protocols, the guide aims to improve the use of models in New Zealand and consequently the accuracy of modelling results so they can be relied upon when considering the potential adverse effects of a discharge to air.

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Guideline on Air Quality Models - Appendix W to Part 51

The U.S. Federal Register is a legal newspaper published every business day by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The ?Guideline on Air Quality Models? can be found as Appendix W to Part 51 ?Requirements for preparation, adoption, and submittal of implementation plans? of ?Subchapter C - Air Programs? included into ?Chapter I Environmental Protection Agency?.

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Meteorological Monitoring Guide - WebMET

This document provides guidance on the collection of meteorological data for use in regulatory modelling applications. It is intended to guide the EPA Regional Offices and States in reviewing proposed meteorological monitoring plans, and as the basis for advice and direction given to applicants by the Regional Offices and States.

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