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In this category, you can select between various tools/services in order to estimate air quality.

Air4EU Mapping Tool

The Air4EU air quality mapping tool allows maps of air quality to be shown for a wide variety of pollutants and all spatial scales using an interactive GIS system.


Air Quality Models - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Provides descriptions and documentation for three types of air quality models: dispersion, photochemical, and receptor models. Also provided with the dispersion modelling section are source code and associated user's guides and documentation for preferred/recommended models, screening models, and alternative models.


COST 728 - Model evaluation meta-database

The Model evaluation meta-database is a database which is integrated into the COST 728 action, and allows the provision of metadata for model evaluation and intercomparison studies through a dedicated interface.


COST 728/732 Model Inventory

Database of numerical models description under COST 728/732.


COST ES0602 - Chemical Weather

This Action will provide a forum for harmonising, standardising and benchmarking approaches and practices in data exchange and multi-model capabilities for air quality forecast and (near) real-time information systems in Europe. It will examine existing and work out new solutions for integrating the development efforts at national and international levels.


DAM - Datasets for Atmospheric Modelling

The development and application of numerical models for the description of atmospheric circulation, atmospheric dispersion and chemistry for research or regulatory purposes, is becoming increasingly important and widespread. Between the model development and the model application, an important phase exists which consists in the validation of the model results against experimental evidence.


EURAD - Air Quality Forecast

Since the beginning of 2001 a forecast-system for pollutants in the atmosphere is tested at the Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at Cologne University. This system is running daily since June 1st, 2001 in a quasi-operational way. The forecast-system is based on the EURAD Modelling System, only the meteorological initial- and boundary-parameters are given by a global numerical weather forecast.


MDS - Model Documentation System

The Model Documentation System aims to provide guidance to any model user in the selection of the most appropriate model for his application. Inclusion of a model in the system is by no means associated with any form of endorsement for using the particular model: it helps select the most appropriate by using the specifications submitted by the modellers.





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